Thursday, December 18, 2008

SPEECH 1 - From a leader, to a LEADER...

this first speech was given by me during my former principal of my FORMER SCHOOL(no longer school student!! yeah2) on his Retirement Ceremony..,En Abd Mutalib Abu Amin...

this speech is quite special to me cuz i even made a poem(which i cut and paste and edited to suit the occasion) and also Mr Principal did inspired me through many of his wisdoms etc.. here's how the speech looks like ;)


Terima kasih Pengerusi Majlis. Assalamualaikum wbt & selamat sjahtera saye ucapkan kepada Yg Dirai, Tn Pengetua, Tn Hj Abd Mutalib Hj Abu Amin, GPK 1, Pn Saadiah Yusof, GPK HEM En Sabri Baharom, GPK Koko Pn Zalela Idris, Guru-guru SMK Sek 11 serta para pljr skalian……

Hadirin sekalian,

Tuan Pengetua telah menabur bakti di sekolah ini, hanyalah untuk satu jangka masa yang sungguh singkat. Namun, dalam kesuntukan masa, beliau telah memerah keringat dalam melakukan segalanya yang terbaik demi kebaikan seluruh warga SMK Seksyen 11. Segala penat lelah serta jasa dan bakti yang dicurahkan cikgu, akan kami kenang selamanya.
Saya juga mewakili seluruh pelajar SMK Sek 11, ingin memohon ampun dan maaf, jika ada tingkah laku kami yang menyinggung perasaan, jika pernah terkasar bahasa, jika pernah terlepas kata, jika ada tersinggung hati terluka, kami memohon ampun dan maaf dari hujung kaki ke hujung rambut.

Selain itu, kami amat berharap agar segala kenangan pahit manis yang ditempuhi sepanjang kerjaya cikgu sebagai seorang guru, akan sentiasa terpahat dalam hati sanubari. Segala ilmu yang cikgu curahkan, akan kami guna dalam mengorak langkah menuju kejayaan. Segala pengorbanan cikgu akan turut kami kenang selamanya.

Ladies and gentleman,

Some people might look at Mr Principal as an ordinary old man, but I look at him as a man full of wisdom. Full of passion in education. A man full with philosophy. He is not just a teacher that teach but also a wise man with a noble heart that seemed to inspires me and I believe he inspired by many as well. He also touched many hearts and many lifes as well. Looking at him makes me wonder, Why Do God brought him to the world….and the answer is simple, to inspire people and make the world a better, wiser place.

Deep from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate his presence in this school. He had done many things that I believe other principal would not do. Our beloved principal, Tn Hj Abd Mutalib is a wonderful person. Everytime I chatted with him, I always wonder ‘What does he NOT knows…..” because he seemed to know about everything and I always look forward to know him more and more as I knew he’s well equipped with many experience…

Dear teachers and friends,I would like to share with all of you, a poem dedicated specially to our beloved principal…

Some stars always shine,
Some stars never fade.
That's the star we're celebrating,
The luminary of the first grade.

Tn Hj Abd Mutalib is moving on,
His time has come to pass.
He's heading to retirement,
No more days in class.

He went into teaching
To make a difference in lots of lives.
Now he deserves our accolades,
Academic-type high fives.

His classroom management was tops,
His teaching style supreme.
He's legacy is crystal clear,
He's truly on the beam.

The principal’s life outside the classroom,
Always varied, always full.
He has it every way,
Every push, every pull.

With wife Pn Rapengah, a life of love,
Three kids to just adore.
Nur Aira, Nur Aiza & Abdul Syahid,
Who could ask for anything more?

He's a model of consideration,
Kind-hearted, full of cheer.
If anybody wants to know,
Our Principal is just a dear.

Handsome and attractive,
With grey hair full of wisdom,.
And his masculine scent of Aigner cologne,
Way of inspire in his own….

His smile is just infectious,
A chronic sparkle in his eyes.
Dear principal, we'll really miss you
,All the girls and guys.

So positive in your nature,
And nurturing in your ways.
You are a legend of the school,
Who never fails to amaze.

Now it's time to explore new paths,
Out in the world and ambling.
To have fun and new adventures,
And perhaps -- a little gambling.

Just know we wish you well,
In fact, you deserve the best.
As a principal go, and as people,
You're just better than the rest
You’re simply the best.

With boundless warmth to match your own,
And gratitude for all your pluck,
We thank you Tn Hj Abd Mutalib,
Surely we'll miss you.
And we wish you forever luck.

Thank you…

p/s: bahasa aku giler mantap kan?! ahahha i'm good at playing with words people!! it's not bout how far is the speech true..but it's about how much it makes a person feel good!!

TRUTH - En Abd Mutalib actually cried wen i gave this speech...i can see tears from his face from the stage...huhuhu....

wait up for d next speech readers...