Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie Preview : Confessions Of A Shopaholic

hey hey..

since lame gile i x uodate kan, banyak material for my blog i dah,i would like to blog it NOW! the 2nd week of march aritu i denga kat Hot.FM ade free tickets untuk tayangan perdana Confessions Of A, ape lagi dengan pantas terus capai fon and called Abg E(my cousin,working at hot fm) mintak tiket!! hehehe...he said he will try to dapatkan laa....goshhh u know how i love the sophie kinsella's novels kan!!! so it's a MUST! hahah...

few days before the premier, abg E called me...he got the,i ajak Emyl to his apartment in kota damansara to get the tickets....abg e n kak tini ajak naek umah, ok la...naik la jap..but it turns out that she actually really2 wants to cook for us!! it's 10.30pm that time...i ngan emyl x makan lagi...we thought after amek tiket tu nk g dinner...then kak tini bersungguh2 nak masak for us...hahaha....but ok la...helped her cook and she made her version of Fried Rice!! sedap giler...u guyz shud try it out la..simple but sedap gilee!! hahaha

The Movie Preview - Confessions Of A Shopaholic

this is how the back of the ticket looks like....(pic depan x sempat amek)

Got 6 i ajak :
Emyl cuz she's a shopaholic!,
Yayan ni gile bace buku2 shopaholic,
Nabiha cuz she gets excited evrytime ckp psal shopaholic novels!!,
Azura(yayan's sis) she owns all the novels that yayan read,die baru balik from studying in new zealand
and azura's friend.

seperti biasa, i'm the only guy...mane la ade laki laen in among my frenz yang nak tengok shopaholic kan?! hahaha....

Seriously cerita ni BEST GILERR!!! x menghampakan laa....from the novel to the movie...lebeyh kurang same laa....juz that the movie focus only on Becky Bloomwood je...xde scene yang Tarquin tackle becky!! (they got that in the novel) but anyway, cerita ni mmg BEST la!! LOVE it!! paleng best part 'Tarian Kipas' when BEcky ngan Luke first time danced together....hahah klaka gile...with all those hillarious move!! i gelak gile2 smpai semput!! hahah...

this movie x la mcm P.S I Love You...the novel best gile..but the movie hampeh....

I Love Becky Bloomwood!! tapi kan i think i prefer if Reese Witherspoon yang bawak watak Becky tuh..baru la ade sparx! cuz reese is like more bimbo-ish...hahhaha....

seperti biase,lepas movie,kami gile here's some pix!!