Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post-Party Anugerah Industri Muzik 16 (pictures)

Celcom was the main sponsor for AIM 16...thus, instead of Red Carpet, it was changed to Blue Carpet...
since this time x dapat VIP invi, i pakai simple je...i juz grab the shirt from my wardrobe..huhu...
xpe...xpe...i promised to myself, once i get my ass into masscomm,i'll start to pursuit my dreams, and get my own VVIP invites to all the glamourous awards...
Main Target : Awal Ashaari
memang i dh target i want to take picture with him...his my idol! love his personality and charisma!! and not to forget his style!!
the night is completed after i dpt tgkp gamba with awal!! hahaha....
Target 2 : Iz OIAM
I met him in person the day before AIM, at the Grand Final OIAM 2... i kenal nama IZ ni since OIAM...and i love his sense of style...he dressed up bravely...maybe he is One ok a kind...x ramai (in fact mcm xde jee) artis lelaki yang amat berani berfesyen...he's appearance at the red carpet of ABPBH in hatta Dolmat is the best so far...
Well, i'm not really a huge fan of him, but considering that he's the only male artist i know yang slalu sangat tuka warna rambut...agak berani laa dye blonde..kuds to him for his courage...
Noryn Aziz
This is the first time i met Noryn Aziz...before this i thought she's like a DIVA that is classy and elegant....and maybe arrogant.. BUT i was WRONG!! totally WRONG! sorry kak noryn for the first bad impression....
Noryn Aziz...she's not just beautiful, but also very warm and friendly ;)
Siti Saida
Saida tolong amekkan awards utk Datuk Siti Nurhaliza yg sedang menunaikan umrah... FYI : i yang suro saida buat pose ni!! haha...sumpa doe!!

Shila OIAM
Shila is soo adorable...met her kat OIAm the day before ;)


Anonymous said...

hey adie. saw the picture of you and abg awal. want to follow his style? do come to his boutique in desa sri hartamas,yea.. :) and add DnA celebritystyle on facebook. :)

address of DnA celebritystyle..
no8-2, jalan 25/70A, desa sri hartamas, 50480, KL.

or jaut call the boutique for direction.. :03-62033361

and do visit

cheerio.. :)

Anonymous said...

i meant *just..