Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Are What You Think You Are...more about Mr.OVER The Pagar

I've just started attending classes for nearly 2 weeks...and i already got an asignment from my LIB102(thinking n writing strategies) essay..just AN essay....but minimum requirement, 6 PAGES!! wheew...stopped writing n doing essays since the last paper of SPM!! kpale otak dh berkarat it's quite a difficult task to BEGIN the essay...however, thanx to H1N1... i got to submit the essay a week later then the actual date...

i've managed to finish up the assignment FABULOUSLY...mcm biase la..aku kan, drpd 6 pages...i ended up with 8 pages!! hahah...hard to begin...and even harder to get my fingers to stop typing as ideas are coming in non-stop....

here's the essay...entitled, 'YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE', by Adie Lokman...

When the dawn starts breaking on the 19th of December year 1991, a boy was born. A new history is about to start. The life of an innocent-cute baby has just begun with a first cry. He is the second symbol of love to the married couple, Lokman Hj Abdullah and Norleza Hj Abd Manan. The baby was born at Hospital Angkatan Tentera Bandar Kinrara, Kuala Lumpur. Mohd Adi. That is the name given by the beloved parents. Now, almost 18 years later, the innocent part of the baby starts to fade as he went through the journey of growing up. Starting from the first cry, that is the only way a baby knows how to make people aware of it’s presence. Now, he don’t only knows how to crawl bravely when he’s facing his downs, walking steadily when the envy are trying to slow him down but also running fabulously to achieve his goals. That person is me.

I was raised up in Shah Alam. The City of Orchids. I’m the second among six siblings. My family is quite big. My family is not rich. I wasn’t born on a silver tray but bravo to my parents for raising us up with full of love, support and encouragement. I personally thinks that my parents have successfully raised up my siblings and I well enough to be human beings that one day will contribute something not just for the family, but for the nation as well. I am very proud because my parents are very understanding, caring and loving. I have to admit that they are very strict but I know that parents knows best. Each and every action they take, is for my own good. My dad has a military background. Thus, he is very particular about discipline, time management and perfection in any tasks. Those qualities that he instill in himself is practiced in our house eventhough my dad had retired from the military. My dad is my idol. It’s hard to find a dad that do house chores from laundry to cooking, but my dad does it. He’s a great cook. His mouthwatering gourmet cooking and scrumptious delicacies are always yummy. He’s also a handy man. He does plumbing, repairing electrical goods and he can also sew. How fantastic is that? My mom is an English lecturer. She’s working in one of the most outstanding and well-established local university, University Teknologi Mara. She’s a lady with all the best qualities you can ever ask for.

Education is one of the contributing factor to success. I started receiving my Primary School education in Sekolah Kebangsaan Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. During my primary school, I was actively involve in many cultural-related activities. I joined the ‘Kelab Kesenian & Kebudayaan’. The society is mainly active with cultural dance. I am proud to be apart of it. This is because I was exposed to many wonderful experience performing in various places. I also got the chance to join the Citrawarna Malaysia. It is a big event organized by the formerly known as the Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism. I love the energy of working in a team and learning new dance steps.

Secondary School is the best part of studying life so far. I received my secondary school education in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 11, Shah Alam. It is also known as Selangor Sports School. During secondary school, I was involved in many activities invlolving Prefects, Editorial Board, Red Crescent, Arts & Photography Club and also Bowling. I was the Head Prefect. I lead the Prefectorial Board for almost 2 years. It’s a wonderful experience. Hard work, time management and taking good care of my reputation is very crucial in being the head of prefects. As a head prefect, I don’t just lead my prefects, I also took charged of leading the students as well. It is very challenging to be a head prefect at a school that has a discrimination problems between the students that stays in the hostel and those that doesn’t stay in the hostel. Thus, I always use the motto, ‘By unity we stand, by dividing we fall’ to unite the students and to destroy the invisible line that separates the students. As a leader, I always believe that it is very hard to achieve the status ‘school with zero disciplinary problems’ but it is not impossible.

Besides prefects, I am proud to be in the Editorial Board. I’m elected as the Editor-In-Chief for my school magazine, Perintis. Working in the team had exposed me to many publishing-related tasks. I learn to work under pressure and chasing datelines. Being the editor made me more interested in Mass Communication. During secondary school, I always challenge myself to take part in various competitions not just in school but also presenting the school at district and states level. Just name it. English drama competition. I joined the drama team for 4 years. I was in the whole process from script-writing to acting. I joined the English debate competition, Pertadingan Bahas Ala Parlimen, Pertandingan Syarahan Agama, Robofest Competition, scrabble Competition and many other competitions. By joining the competions, I get to make friends with students from other schools and I can enhance my confidence level.

Sports. I have to admit that I’m not a sport jock. I don’t play football like other guys. I have to admit that football is a game filled with spirits of teamwork and strategies but I look at it as a lousy sport where a bunch of men are competing among themselves to get one ball. The only sport that I play is bowling. I don’t just play bowling for fun. I play it seriously. I took bowling lessons, entered many tournaments and received many trophies. I started playing it seriously when I was in form 4. My highest achievement is playing in the MSSS. The state level. I played for Petaling Perdana District. Before I get into MSSS, I went for the selection at MSSD level which is the District level. During the selection, I competed with many professional bowlers. Students from other schools that came with their coaches and well-equipped with many bowling gears while I came alone. A rookie dragging his thorn bowling bag. I was so nervous looking at my competitors. Luckily luck was with me. I got in the top 5 and I get to represent the Petaling Perdana District. At the Selangor states level, I only got one bronze medal for Boys Under 18 Doubles division. I don’t get to represent my state but I am so happy to have such a wonderful experience.

Great personality is one of the contributing factors to success. Look at all the world leaders, each and everyone has a great personality. I am working myself out to improve my personality. I am a very hardworking person. Once I set my goals, I will go all out to achieve it. Even if I have to challenge some rules just to fulfill my dreams, I will. I like what Marilyn Monroe once said, “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have gotten anywhere”. I believe that is true. I used to be a very shy person. During the early part of my schooldays, I’m the student that just seat at the corner of class and pretend that I know nothing(even if I know about it perfectly well) when asked by the teacher, just because I’m afraid to raise my hand. At one point, I feel that I need to change. In life, there is no such thing as being discovered. I realize that words can change the world. I need to use my voice to stand out. I was not raised to be smart and not say it. I was not raised to have grievance and not cry out. Some might say ‘Be Pretty and don’t talk too much’. But I think that Igot to keep on talking. If I just keep quiet, people will forget about me and my agenda once and for all.

Talents. There are many kinds of talents. Everybody is born with talents. Some can be seen, some remain hidden. Sometimes people only discover their talent when it’s too late. I am lucky that I discover some of my talents now. I can cook and I bake. At the beginning, as a guy, I am very shy to announce that I love to cook and bake. Several months later, I realize that not every guy can cook. Even most girls love it if their boyfriends can cook! I took my passion towards baking, one step further. Bussiness. After the SPM exam, most of people my age were very busy in search of jobs. I don’t want to work. Too lazy for that. I should be enjoying the moment. No more school, no more homeworks. Why should I go and work and get myself all stress up? I can work later on after I receive my degree or masters or even PhD. However, I realize that to enjoy, money is highly demanded. No money, no joy. How can I just sit at home and make money? I think of the solution. I decided to start a cupcake business. It’s in trend. But I do it in a smaller scale but profitable. I bake the cupcakes and sell it to my former school’s Corporation Shop. The price is very cheap unlike those you can order online. I don’t do the biz to make wealth or to get filthy rich. I do it just because of I need a proper way to spend my time, my passion and get extra pocket money. I enjoy doing it and everyday, the cupcakes sold out. It feels good that it’s a success. I even get orders for special functions. At the end, people are craving for more. It’s a good sign that my cupcakes are not just edible but also very nice.

I am addicted to narcissism. I really mean it. The term narcissism means love of oneself and refers to the set of character traits concerned with self-admiration, self-centeredness and self-regard. Some may take it as a negative thing. I take it positively. I am what I think I am. Every time I get to be what I want to be, is a huge success to myself. Healthy narcissism forms a constant, realistic self-interest and mature goals and principles in myself. I admired myself a lot. I had achieved quite a lot of achievement in my life. I admit that to some people, the achievements I got is nothing to be proud of compared to what Nicole David or Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has achieved, neither breaking any world records nor being the first Malaysian astronauts. The whole point is, I’m proud with what I had gone through. The process of growing up. I had gone through many ups and downs, twist and turns and many unforgettable journey. My life is a plain white canvas that I had started decorating it myself according to what I want with colours, sequins and Swarovski crystals. By the end of my life, I want the painting to be framed nicely and not just to be admired by younger generations but also to teach. Who knows my painting will be a living legend like Pablo Picasso or Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

I am grateful to get myself a place in UiTM to do my Diploma in Mass Communication. I haven’t see clearly the direction where I will end up in Mass Communication whether journalism or broadcasting. In journalism,I want to be a Fashion Journalist or Lifestyle Journalist. I am very passionate towards fashion. Being a guy with high interest towards fashion, fragrances and indulging fabulous lifestyle is nothing I must be ashamed of. Anonymous said that ‘Choose a job you love and you don’t have to work for a day’. That is exactly what I’m doing. Doing something I love. It makes me feel really good when I bought a new high-end glossy fashion magazine. Nowadays, most men around the world are aware of being in-fashion. I am very inspired by fashion editors like Nina Garcia, the editor of Elle magazine New York and Wirda Adnan, the editor for Glam Malaysia. Fashion editors get to go for latest designers runway show, invited to Fashion Weeks in the fashion capitals of the world and also invited to many fabulous-high-end social functions. That is the kind of indulging lifestyle that I always wanted. I hope that by doing my very best in university, I can achieve my goal.

Broadcasting is one kind of a field that generally will be filled with alluring glamour. There are many branches of industries that links to broadcasting but the largest and most common is the entertainment industry. I’m also interested to be a TV Host. I’m inspired by my all-time idols, Aznil Hj Nawawi and Dato’ Mahathir Lokman. These are two successful personality that made their way to the top. They are influential entertainers that makes audience listen and enjoy their show. I want to be just like them. Every year without fail, I will attend numerous entertainment industry awards like Anugerah Skrin, Anugerah Juara Lagu, Anugerah Industri Muzik and many more. Being invited to such prestigious and glamourous events were such a great honour. Where and how I get the invitation? Let it be my tiny little secret. If I want it, I WANT it. I’ll find a way or maybe make one. At the awards, I don’t just get to mingle around with some famous stars but also observe the energy of the crews that works behind the scenes, stage managers, hosts and awards presenters. I love the energy. During such functions, I don’t just want to see perfection of the event, I will eventually look for the mistakes and search for the weaknesses. There’s no such thing as perfect so far. Even at Oscars or Grammy Awards in Hollywood also have mistakes. But the important part is how they solve it. Crews will start dashing here and there and stage managers will always try to be in control so that when the shows goes on air, it will look almost perfect.

In the real life, the front door is not necessarily open to everyone. Sometimes, we need to crawl in through the window or maybe through the backdoor. We need to be extra creative to find a way or make one. Those are the perceptions that I always bare in mind. There’s always a chance for everyone to be on a certain stage the person wants to be. In my case, I get a job. I get the experience working as a Personal Assistant for the well-known Artistes Manager, Vernon Kedit-Jolly. Everyone in the entertainment arena knows him. I get to work for him for 2 months before I enroll for UiTM. Some people my age uses Facebook or Myspace to make friends and maybe to search for soulmates. But, I use it to expand my network and get to know the influential people. I started knowing Mr Vernon through Facebook. Later, he offered me to be his temporary P.A. and I accepted his job wholeheartedly. It’s not easy to step into the industry especially if you just finished your S.P.M examination. It’s a huge opportunity for me to know more about the industry. Working with a very hardworking, successful and perfectionist person is fantastic. I get to meet the influential people in the industry, producers, directors, artistes, fashion designers and journalists. While I was working, there’s a shooting going on that involves the Malay Film Primadona, Erra Fazira and Mr Vernon. It’s wonderful to get to know her closer. Thus, I had a wonderful time working for him and see with my own eyes, how does a production team works. I am just lucky.

Every human being has the right to choose what’s best for themselves. Hopefully what I had chosen so far is the best for me. Opportunities come and go. One door closed, many others will open. People should grab every opportunity that comes. But sometimes, no doubt that opportunities come at the wrong time. Opportunities come and go everyday. I always need to be careful with the ones I let go because it might not come again. I am now going through the natural evolutionary process of incorporating the truths that I am in a world full of challenges, guilty-pleasures, sins, hidden truths and lies. Bottomline, I am grateful. Grateful for all the good things that have come my way and are coming my way. I hope that great and fabulous life awaits. ‘You are what you think you are’. That is the key to have a successful life. Believe in yourself, instill high-self esteem and the world will believe in you. I also trust that success is hard but it is not impossible. I really hope that I will graduate and the scroll that I will receive will lead me somewhere with a spectacular view where diamonds and gemstones are praised, admired and highly appreciated


she said...

sumpah essay u bestttt.

AzeezA said...



akuOVERthePAGAR said...

she..aka cikgu english...brape marks u nak bagi???

azeeza dear...thanx 4 dropping by and actually READ :)

nsdahlia said...

there r few grmmr mistakes though but that's common. it's a great essay after all.

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