Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yasmin : The Storyteller...A Hero Of Unity...

Salam..and a very good day to my fabulous readers!

I'm pretty sure all of you know that Malaysia had lost a precious diamond, Yasmin Ahmad quite recently.
I totally admired her work, her creativity, her sense of love,humanity & respect. However, i didn't get the time to blog about her since i was very busy with campus life...

Just a few days after her death, there's an English Week going on in my campus. Hence, there's a Public Speaking Competition held in conjunction to the English Week. There were many themes to choose : Love, Music, Food, Hero & Environment. I havn't joined any such competition since high school...i think it's a fresh start for my campus life. So,it's an experiment. I decided to choose the theme, HERO. Instead of doing a superhero kinda story, i changed it to something more meaningful. Something more serious and something that is not my kinda style. My public speaking text entitled, A Hero Of Unity.

I know most participants will talk about love and music. I just want to try and make something different. I talk about an inspiring person that's 6feet under...
After the competition, i ended up with nothing. I dont get any prizes. However, I am very HAPPY because the head judge told me that my TEXT was very good and it's delivered very well. BUT my text is a bit too heavy for JUST an english week competition. How overwhelming is that?! I dont mind if i dont win because the reason why i entered is because i want to make it into some sort of 'wakeup call'. I just want people to LISTEN and i delivered a speech from the bottom of my heart. That's it...I'll post the text below so that i can share with all of you fabulous readers...Enjoy the text!!

p/s: the poem is not's by someone else(i forgot where i got it) but it's like an additional spice to the speech..

"Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking". That is a phrase by Mahatma Gandhi. Unity is a state of being united. A state of being ONE. Well, I am not Nelson Mandela or even Bararck Obama that have the power to influence people to listen. I am just a normal Malaysian that wish to live in a harmonious country with justice and unity. I am craving for a united Malaysia like hyenas craving for blood.

Today, I would like to share with all of you about a graceful lady with a noble heart. She's a critically-acclaimed multi-award winning film director, producer and scriptwriter. Above it all, she's a true Malaysian with a strong spirit of promoting unity among Malaysians. I'm sure all of you knows her films like Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin & Talentime.

Each movie won numerous awards both locally and internationally. In all her films, she promotes a lot of Malaysian cultures and she dares to be different by instilling many values on humanity, love, and most important, UNITY. The love that she instilled in all her films had managed to touch hearts. Each was so real, pure and genuine like the love between Orked and Jason in Sepet & Mukshin and Orked in Mukhsin.

Besides, she's also known as the Mother of Commercial Ads. Her commercials were so genuine and she managed to touch hearts within her few minutes of adverts. Her advertisments for every celebration especially Hari Raya Aidilfitri makes people smile, laugh and even cry. Remember the lines between an old father and his son, about a bird? "Burung apa? Burung Murai.....Burung apa? Burung Murai..."

That is an example of her commercial that make people smile and think deeply in the end. It touches the heart of many viewers.

However, Starting from today, adverts and films in our industry will never be the same again.

On 25th of July, Malaysia had lost the precious diamond. Yasmin Ahmad. She personifies greatness. Her films and comercials are so real and genuine. They propel the masses to reconsider the possibility of actually maintaining a harmonious community made up of individuals from different races, cultures, and religion backgrounds. Her demise is a great lost to the human race. Through her vision, she reminded us of the little things that we take for granted. In her own unique way, she taught us love, respect, humanity and unity. She will always be in the eyes of many as the true ambassador of a united Malaysia. She had started promoting '1 Malaysia' long before the prime minister had turned it into a national objective.

Yasmin Ahmad had touched the core of my values and humanity with her works and creations that managed to evoke the real Malaysian in us, helping us to overcome racial barriers and differences. Our nation has you, Yasmin to thank for all the amazing efforts of bringing morality, tradition, racial equity, and the Malaysian spirit to every Malaysian.

I am a big fan of her. She inspires people from various parts of the world with her touch of creativity. The late Yasmin Ahmad was a blogger as well. I am a loyal follower of her blog called Yasmin The Storyteller before she started a new blog called Yasmin The Film Maker. Each day, I eagerly looked forward to read her new updates. The way she writes, thinks and her passion towards telling stories were very inspiring. Readers can feel her sincerity, excitement and joy. And I know that she writes from the bottom of her heart. Her life was almost apart of me eventhough I don't know her and vice versa. However, Allah loves her more. She had left her family, friends, fans and those who envied her for her greatmess and bizzare ability of being different. Today, there are no more updates on theb blog. She left us without saying goodbye. Since then...her blog grew silent...

Ladies and gentlement,

As a unity-fighter that always promotes unity through all her efforts, Yasmin got her wish. When people of all races gathered together, blind to colour, race and religion. She got her wish. I repeat, SHE GOT HER WISH. Unfortunately, it was at her funeral. Hundreds of people came to pay their last respects. Unity can be seen as it wass attended by Malays, Chinese and Indians. They cried and hugged shoulder-to-shoulder....arms-in-arms... How frequent can you see people of other races and religions, crying and mourning at a Muslim cemetery??

It was proven that everything, including the unity that she had been fighting for through her work is finally succeeded. The colours of unity that Yasmin portrayed in all her creative creations, made her a true Malaysian. She's a symbol of unity, gracefulness, forgiveness and love.

No matter what rumors are spreading, I don't care whether Yasmin is a she, or a he or even a hermaphrodite. What's more important is, she's a great Malaysian with a big heart and a powerful ability to stand out, think out of the box, and inspire many. She even make the nation realize the value of humanity. She's an icon bold with true Malaysian qualities and spirit of unity.
She's gone, but Yasmin will always be 'there' in all her films and adverts. As long as her adverts and films are watched and remembered, her spirit lives on for eternity in our hearts.

I want to take this opportunity to dedicate a short poem to the Hero of Unity.

Rest in peace storyteller,
When you made the movie Sepet,
It is like making a story of my life.
You woke every Malaysian,
You're the Shakespeare of Asia,
Putting Romeo & Juliet in Sepet.
You made every Malaysian,
Wants to watch Malaysian made films.
You made every Malaysian,
Wants to be a Malaysian.

She's not just a hero. To me, she's a Hero Of Unity. Her magical touch and creativeness had made Malaysian more united.

Yasmin Ahmad :
A PERFECT Role-Model of 1 Malaysia,

May Allah bless her soul. Al-Fatihah.

Thank You.

p/s : you RATE the speech...and feel free to drop any comments. Do ignore all the common grammatical errors. I'm still in the process of studying & improving...

Love all of you my fabulous readers. Hope fabulous day awaits.


sweet honey bie said...

hai adie..gosh,ur essay...dat was brilliant and it juz so...ermm..i can't find the right word to even describe it..its really touching and so sweet..i'm sure all who read it wud agree with wat u said..anyway,its ok u didn't even win the prize..the prize is nthing but ur essay is sumthin..adie,i miss u!wheneva u r free,let me noe k..i'm wishin u da bez with ur campus life..take care adie!all the best k!

sweet honey bie said...

hai adie..gosh,ur essay...dat was brilliant and it juz so...ermm..i can't find the right word to even describe it..its really touching and so sweet..i'm sure all who read it wud agree with wat u said..anyway,its ok u didn't even win the prize..the prize is nthing but ur essay is sumthin..adie,i miss u!wheneva u r free,let me noe k..i'm wishin u da bez with ur campus life..take care adie!all the best k!

Adila said...

i'm not a big fan of yasmin ahmad but seriously, that is a good one!

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